RIP Global

Illustrating the advantage

The Brief

RIP Global are changing the way companies manage their receipts and expenses. A start up that is creating a lot of noise around the world! With all this well-deserved attention a new website was needed to help position the brand and also provide an opportunity to develop the brand's visual expression.

There was a caveat with this brief, the site had to be on Squarespace. We all love a good challenge right!


Graphic design

The approach

First step was to fully understand RIP's offering and how that then benefits their customers and user groups. We reviewed their pitch decks, sales material and how the marketing team will be using the site.

From there we were able to determine the key messaging for each audience and at what point in the journey was relevant to them. The subject matter itself - receipts and expenses is not a terribly exciting subject matter so the natural and obvious solution was to develop a series of illustrations. The marketing team and writers crafted the key messages which allowed us to design a series of illustrations that supported the narrative and played an important role in the brand's visual styling.

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That fact that it had to be in Squarespace didn't actually become a hinderance to us at all. We worked with developers that created a custom site, integrating Squarespace language into the code so it could be uploaded to their account and edited through the CMS like any other template.

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One other caveat with the brief was not to touch the current logo. This actually worked in our favour. We were able to concentrate on brand messaging and how we clearly communicate how the system works and its benefits. The style we developed was a very simple, line art style that is easy to adapt, easy to understand and clearly articulates the advantages of using RIP. This was not a case of illustration for illustration's sake.

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